Corporate Massage

Part off our service at The Body Clinic is Corporate Massage, where our qualified massage therapist comes to your office / premises and massages your employees. The workplace environment and ergonomics hugely impacts the body physically and mentally. Our treatments are specifically designed to target muscles that are frequently affected by your work station setup. Our therapist is qualified and experienced and each treatment is tailored to the clients’ individual needs. Our corporate massage treatments help to encourage a healthy work/life balance. Corporate massage is becoming increasingly popular as there are demonstrated benefits both to your business and employees. Massage therapy has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue whilst at the same time lifting mood, improving performance, productivity, mental clarity and energy levels. From a corporate perspective massage therapy increases employee productivity, helps you attract top talent by providing a point of difference, increases employee retention, increases staff feeling appreciated, increases staff morale and reduces absenteeism due to back or neck pain.

How it works

  • Our therapist needs a quiet / private room for the treatments. Either a massage chair or table can be used depending on client requirements / space.
  • 15, 20 or 30 minute treatments are provided with a five minute break between clients, bookings are usually arranged by the company. Minimum booking required on any given day is 2 hours of massage time.
  • Most companies will book in one day every week / fortnight or month.
  • The cost of the massage can be either paid entirely by the employee, part-paid by the employee and sponsored by the employer or paid entirely by the employer. We have mobile EFTPOS facilities or accept cash. Payment is normally expected at the time of treatment unless different arrangements have been made prior.
  • All clients will be required to fill-out a basic client information sheet with some personal health details. All these records will be kept securely by us and all of the information provided is confidential.

If you are interested in our service or require more information, please contact us through