Lana Fort

Registered Osteopath & ACC provider

Lana completed five years of study gaining her Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSci (HB)) followed by her Masters in Osteopathy (MOst) in New Zealand. Lana is registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ), is an ACC provider and is a member of Osteopaths New Zealand (ONZ).

Lana has always had a passion for helping people and feels as though she can achieve this by aiding the body in its natural healing process with the holistic approach of Osteopathy. Lana enjoys treating a wide range of people of all ages including retirees, athletes, office workers, students, manual labourers, pregnant woman and babies.

In addition to treating patients, Lana has spent 3 years assisting teaching in practical classes and marking multiple papers in the current Osteopathy degree based at Unitec New Zealand.

Lana lives rurally on a farm with her horses and dogs. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves animals and travel.

Matiu Taingahue

Registered Osteopath & ACC provider. 

Matiu is a registered Osteopath (ACC provider) who specialises in sports and rehabilitation. In addition to his Masters in Osteopathy, Matiu has a Bachelor (BPhEd) and Master’s degree (MPhEd) in physical education majoring in biomechanics, exercise physiology and exercise prescription. Matius’ background involves athletic training and rehabilitation where he has worked with professional sports teams, elite athletes, and national academies of sport in New Zealand and overseas.

Matiu’s passion is movement, whether it is fine tuning in athletes, or in making every day activities easier. Combining his sporting background with Osteopathy enables Matiu to deliver the best care possible for his patients.

Matiu is a family man and lives with his wife and three children in the Waitakere ranges. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with the family and all outdoors activities.

Amanda Collis

Registered Osteopath & ACC provider. 

Amanda completed five years of Osteopathic study, comprising a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology Degree and then a Masters of Osteopathy. She graduated with First Class Honours.

Amanda’s treatments are both gentle and effective. She will find and help you also identify the source of your problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Amanda strives to get you symptom-free in as few consultations as possible. She tailors the treatment and management plan specifically to you and gives you useful take-home advice and gentle, simple stretches to help you maintain and reinforce the improvements made during your treatment.

Amanda treats all ages and people from all walks of life. She has a particular interest in treating paediatric and pregnant patients; her thesis was based on the dynamic nature of an osteopathic consultation when treating an infant. 

Olivia Furlong

Registered Osteopath & ACC provider. 

Olivia is an ACC registered Osteopath who has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSci) and her Masters in Osteopathy (MOst).

Olivia originally became interested in Osteopathy because of her passion for health and how the human body adapts to achieve it especially during pregnancy.

When she’s not baking, Olivia enjoys playing competitive ladies tennis during the summer months and cross-fit training. This, combined with her side-line experience treating a Waitakere rugby team, developed her interest in sports and how treatment can improve mobility and function to accomplish training goals. Olivia enjoys treating a wide range of problems in all ages.

Olivia Covich

Registered Osteopath & ACC provider. 

Olivia completed her studies graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and a Masters in Osteopathy. Her research thesis explored mothers’ perspectives on osteopathic treatment in the management of unsettled infants. Olivia has an ongoing passion for osteopathy in the early stages of life and has completed postgraduate study in both pregnancy and pediatric fields.

Olivia enjoys learning and is always looking to expand her knowledge and skills to provide the best care to her patients. Since her studies, Olivia has trained to become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. She believes that movement is one of the key elements to both achieving and maintaining optimal health. Olivia enjoys getting to know patients of all ages whilst assisting them in either recovery from injury or general aches and pains.

Outside of work Olivia enjoys travelling, keeping active and spending time with friends and family.

Massage Therapists

Freya Torenvlied-Whiting

Freya is a qualified massage therapist registered with Massage New Zealand. Freya has completed her Certificate in Relaxation Massage and Diploma in Therapeutic Massage (New Zealand College of Massage) and has a current First Aid Certificate.

Freya has always been passionate about working with and helping people. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients and has had excellent results treating many clients including desk workers, athletes, pregnant woman, retirees, stressed and anxious people and more.

Freya has a passion for animals, particularly dogs as she worked in a local kennels throughout her studies. She also enjoys reading, sewing/fabric work and baking.